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Carleton College

CLAE Nomination Form 2016

Online Nomination Form for the Carleton Liberal Arts Experience 2016


Do you know a student that would be interested in the Carleton Liberal Arts Experience? Please use this form to nominate a current 10th grade student for CLAE. We will send nominated students an application for CLAE. 

Note: This nomination is different than a letter of recommendation.  For a CLAE application to be considered complete, a separate letter of recommendation from at least one academic teacher must be submitted on the student's behalf.  Additional letters of recommendation from others are also welcome.  The letter(s) may be submitted with the student's application, emailed to or mailed directly to:

Carleton College
100 South College St
Northfield, MN 55057

Student Information

Student School Information
Is the student currently in 10th grade?
Nominator Information
Student academic promise:
Student character and promise:
Do you have full confidence in the student's overall integrity?