Self-Reported Test Scores

    Applicants may self-report SAT or ACT scores in lieu of requesting an official score report directly from the testing agency. We will accept self-reported scores from the PDFs provided through the College Board or ACT. Here are sample score reports for the SAT (pages 7-8) and ACT.

    If you would like to self-report your scores, you should upload them using the form below. Thank you for your patience as we process the scores and add them to your record. This is a manual process and will not happen automatically. 

    Note: we will require all enrolling students to submit official score reports by May 15. 


    If you would like to upload more than one score report from a given test source, you will need to re-submit this form for each report. 

    I certify that the PDF(s) uploaded here represent my own work, presented without any alteration or modification. I understand that if I choose to enroll at Carleton, I will be required to provide an official score report. Furthermore, I understand that my offer of admission may be rescinded if there is a discrepancy between the information provided here and the official score report.