Gap Year Request Form - 2024

    Thanks for contacting us about your interest in pursuing a gap year. We regard a gap year the same as a commitment to enroll at Carleton.  

    This means: 

    • you will submit an enrollment agreement and accompanying enrollment deposit
    • you will withdraw all other pending applications to colleges
    • you will not enroll at another college as a full-time or degree-seeking student
    • you will not begin any new applications to any college or university
    • you will not hold a gap year or deferred admission status at another college or university
    If you are not certain that Carleton is your college of choice, then you should not seek a gap year. A gap year is not for an alternative college academic experience. Any credit granted from a course taken during your gap year cannot be transferred to Carleton. 

    We will formally respond to your request for a gap year as soon as possible. We give preference to requests received by May 1, though in some years we are able to grant gap year requests after May 1.  

    In submitting this form, you agree to the terms listed above. If you violate this agreement, your admission status at Carleton will be subject to review and possible revocation. 

    Questions? Please send an email to or call the Admissions Office (507-222-4190). We look forward to learning more about your gap year plans. 

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